Barangay Camp Four is located at the eastern part of the municipality of Tuba with a total land area of 3,463.61 hectares. It is bounded on the North by Barangay Camp 7, Baguio City; on the east by Barangay Ampucao Itogon, Benguet; on the west by Barangay Poblacion & Twin Peaks and on the South by Barangay Camp 3.

    Barangay Camp Four consists of eleven (11) Sitios namely: Canubas, Forestry, Lablab 1, Lablab 2, Benmetao, Balococ, Goldstream, National Road, Maramal, Liwliw and Camp 6. Sitio Camp 6 is likewise subdivided into 10 puroks namely: Tollgate, Millsite, Power Hilltop, Lower Green Valley, Upper Green Valley, Narra, Riverside, Gusaran, Hydro No. 1 and Hulyo No. 2. It has a total population of 5, 973 and 1, 162 households based on the 2010 census of population.

    It is use to host the defunct Benguet Exploration, Inc. a mining firm which has closed down its operation and presently host to Mountain Rock Aggregates and MLCarantes Development and General Construction Enterprises. It is where one of the tollgates along the famous Kennon Road is located. Several cell sites were also installed in the area.

    Early settlers were a mixture of the Ibalois, Kankanaeys and Kalanguyas, which were later diversified by other ethnic and major groups. Major crops raised by the residents with farm lots are camote, ube, squash and vegetables while residents living within the former mining site are engaged in small scale mining, sand and gravel extraction and other livelihood activities.

    This Barangay has three (3) educational institutions such as two (2) Public Elementary Schools, and one (1) public Secondary School which is supported by six (6) Day Care Centers (4 public and 2 private).

Barangay Health Station

Cell Site

Camp 4 Elementary School


Toll Gate

MLC Crushing Plant