Barangay Camp One

    Barangay Camp One is located at the South-south western part of the municipality. It is located at the boarder of Benguet and La Union, Bounded on the North by Barangays Camp Three, Twin Peaks & Tabaan Sur, on the east by the municipality of Itogon, Benguet, on the west by the Province of La Union and on the South by Barangay Ansagan. Barangay Camp One has an approximate population of 1, 742 and 359 households as of 2010 census of population. It has a total land area of 6,057.77 hectares. The Ibaloi and Kalanguya Tribes are the two major tribes that inhabit the barangay. The people‚Äôs main source is farming.

    Camp One has the potential for tourism. In fact, initial development for tourism purpose such as the construction of the Klondykes Hot Spring Resort, privately owned by Mr. Jimmy Smith, showed a promising result in terms of tourist attraction. The name Klondykes was given in honor of the late Engr. Klondykes, an American Engineer who helped in the construction of Kennon Road in early 1903. Given proper development and advertisement, the Ambibiw Mountain promises a rich and breath-taking view of the plains of La Union and Pangasinan, and the Plateau of Camoeg where one could feel to be closest to nature, can become a favorite destination of nature lovers from other places and countries. In addition to these, the view of Bridal Veil Falls at Sitio Taroy, which brought a considerable income to the folks living near the spring with the sight seers as their costumers, is still perhaps the most beautiful landmark of the Kennon National Road.

    This Barangay has three (3) Elementary Schools namely: Ligay Elementary School, Klondykes Elementary School and Paran Elementary School. There is only one Health Center in the barangay which is located at sitio Klondykes and manned by one (1) Midwife and assisted by six (6) Barangay Health workers.

   The barangay is a bastion of natural resources, such as creeks and fresh springs from which irrigation and household water supplies are tapped, forest woods in which wild life thrive, and the sand and gravel along the Bued River bed within the territorial jurisdiction of the barangay, which one of the source of the revenue of the barangay. Human resource includes manpower for different fields that are either employed or still looking for employment. Financial resources are earned mostly through farming endeavors, although some earned through small scale business, exercise of profession and skilled labor.

Klondykes Hot Spring

Day Care Center

Paran Laruan Elementary School